Ustaw Anna Naklab Feat. Alle Farben & YOUNOTUS - Supergirl [Official Video] Czasoumilacz

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Długość: 3min 33sec
Jakość: HD
Opublikowano: 26 March 2015 (3 years ago)
Autor: Raison Music

Check out the brand new single "Alright":

Follow Up to "Supergirl" - NEW Anna Naklab Video - "Whole":
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„Something Near“, „Lines“, „True Thougts“, „Fading Nights“... The passion in her voice brings an unique spell to the songs and calms you down at the same time. An outstanding and significant voice with the recognition value that is always given. She’s a Supergirl and she wants to fly higher in 2015 than she already did the year before!

Alle Farben – artist – dj – music lover! Almost half year has passed since the summer hit breaker „She Moves“ feat. Graham Candy made it’s way through the radios. There is already the next breaking thing at the ready over here: super-Farben with his super-girl Anna Naklab. This all makes sense! The painting discjockey receiving his super-muse to take the year 2015 to next level!

YOUNOTUS – the third player on the game – the newcomer’s from Berlin! Gregor and Tobias producing hard to bring their releases to an always evolving, ever growing constant peak! Already releasing on influential labels such as Kallias and Love Matters the guys have mixed everything that matters in here to make it count. This is it and it’s all the way up!

Now getting to the release, let’s see what the super-troop made up. We can tell beforehand that we’re getting ready for the summer, ain’t we?

Supergirl: „You can tell by the way...“ Well, was this song written for Anna Naklab? Over fiveteen years ago everyone was obsessed with this one in Germany. The Reamonn song is now finely and fully decorated with fine repeating synths and great beats to push it forward. 2015 – the daughter of the super mother takes it’s way: proud and strong like a super girl should be! A super girl that flies!


Writer/ Director/ Producer: Marc Rissmann
Director of Photography: Christian Huck
Editor: Ole Wiedemann
Colorist: Nadir Mansouri
Camera Assistant: Christopher Coronado
Postproduction: Mamapost
Dialogue Mix: Jörn Steinhoff
Cast: Julie Engelbrecht, Mariah Bonner, Alex Garcia, Gustavo Nunez
Special Thanks: Leonie Roelle, Martin Heuser, Manuel Overbeck
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